21 Dec

Gordon webservices: Easy solution for your online journey

Hi friends and folks:

Welcome to gordonforavl.com a single platform for all your web related quarries. At gordonforavl.com you can get ideas and suggestions from our expert team and they will teach you how to become master in your own web development platform. Back in 1990s when HTML was new in market all web design was coded in HTML everyone rushed onto HTML but since then variety of new language had been born and they are doing pretty well.website-development logo So in current web world if you know html that is not enough, you should have knowledge of other languages such as php, jQuery, XML, java script.

Now you would be confused as I have listed n numbers of language and now to have a good looking website you should have knowledge of all these languages isn’t it? But the answer is no. All you need to have is a good domain name and a trusted hosting service. Once you have all these basic requirement then we can create a website by building one by one pages or by using some content management software like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

wordpress image.Use of content management software is a new technique and it has changed the way in with traditional web development was done. Earlier people used to create their own html pages and then those pages were uploaded to host server then came PHP a server side language in which our code runs on server and then it is displayed on web browser. Similarly the javascript is primarily a browser based language and it predominantly runs on web browser. Now with content management systems like wordpress is that they use php codes in a special way. Each page has different php code and then some php function is enabled that would call php pages from another page. For example a header.php page contains sidebar.php to call and display sidebar in main website for navigation purpose.

This was a small introduction to a large web development world out there in internet. Also you can make a good website with attractive pages and images just by spending hundreds of buck to some web developer or web company but its more interesting and knowledgeable if you give it a try by yourself. What it would cause is some time and the final output may not be as good as it would have been in case of use of some paid services. But with time you would learn a lot and at then end you would be a better web developer than the guy whom you would have given your money for same task that is now done by you.